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Cyberswim started in 1999 as a small, independent online merchant specializing in Miraclesuit® swimwear. Since then we have grown to be the largest direct supplier of Miraclesuits on the web, doing all our business by catalog and the Internet.

We carry the full Miraclesuit line year round, which makes it much easier for women to find a Miraclesuit in the style and size they're looking for by shopping online. Of course, being able to try on suits at home is so much nicer than facing the dreaded department store dressing room! Because we know that women need to try on swimsuits -- often in several styles and sizes -- in order to find the most flattering fit, we offer a hassle free returns policy, and we waive shipping and handling fees on exchanges (Please see our Returns and Exchanges section for more information). Our customer service staff takes pride in being responsive to our customers, and each year, we look to offer a few “Cyberswim Exclusives” -- styles manufactured for us in hard to find sizes where customer response has been especially positive.

What Real Women Want…

One of the things that our customers love about Cyberswim is that we appeal to "real" women. In addition to Misses styles, we carry a large selection of D, DD, and women's sizes, because we know how frustrating it is to go shopping for hard-to-find sizes in stores. Our plus-size models are really plus size, and we don't feel that the swimwear needs to be merchandised by models wearing heels and jewelry to look fashionable. Instead we really focus on what women of any size want our clothing to do: draw attention to our best features and downplay those parts that we feel less secure about. Shopping for swimwear has never been easier with Shape Solution, our proprietary method of enabling you to shop for suits that accentuate the positive. Don't sacrifice comfort for beauty!

Style, Comfort, and Feeling Good!

We like to think that everything about Cyberswim emphasizes style, comfort, and feeling good about yourself, from the products we carry, to the shopping and customer service experience we provide. As a company of women, we pride ourselves in providing caring and responsive customer support - literally and figuratively! We have an extensive library of glowing reviews, pertaining to both our products and our service. Don't take our word for it, our customers say it best. We want you to be confident in your purchase.

Happy shopping from the team at Cyberswim!